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Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Fees Due When We Apply Or When The Lease Is Signed?

There are a few fees associated with applying and signing a lease.

The application fee is $55 and is due when you turn in the application.

Due at lease signing is a $350 Non-Refundable Community Association Fee which goes towards the upkeep of common areas of the property, such as the access gate and the stairs to campus. This fee is due per resident each lease term.

Also due at lease signing is a $300 Reservation Fee. This fee is credited towards August rent and can be split up among the residents. This fee is per apartment per lease term fee.

What Type Of Lease Does Towson Place Apartments Offer?

Towson Place Apartments offers joint and several liability leases, which means every signer of the lease, is responsible for the terms of the lease and total fees due.

What Happens If One Of My Roommates Damages Our Apartment?

All signers of the lease are responsible for the fees associated with damages, outstanding rent, etc. unless someone takes full responsibility.

What Happens If One Of My Roommates Moves Out And Rent Is Due?

All signers are responsible for fees associated with all rent due or late rent payments. It is up to the roommates, not the landlord, to collect from the non-paying resident. This means if your roommate moves out, or damages his/her room beyond repair, we can hold all roommates responsible, and you may be liable for the entire amount. The landlord does not assist with collection of monies between roommates.

In addition, on a limited basis TPA will offer a “by the bed” lease. These leases are only offered on specific apartment types, and by signing a by the bed lease, the resident and guarantor are only responsible for their portion of the rent. However, this also means that the staff of TPA may assign you a roommate at any time.

If you want to live at TPA, but don’t have a roommate lined up, by the bed is perfect for you. We will place you in an apartment and then we will put a roommate/s with you. This allows you to only worry about your own rent and if we never fill the other bed/s in the apartment, you still only have to worry about your own rent! There is a small monthly administrative fee added to your monthly rent installment for by-the-bed leases. Review the floor plans for pricing.

When Is Rent Due?

Rent is due the first day of every month and is considered late after the fifth day. On the sixth day of the month, a late fee of 5% of the total monthly rent owed is assessed to past due accounts. All residents of the apartment are responsible for the late fee, unless someone takes full responsibility.

Because Towson Place Apartments is a traditional apartment complex that is not affiliated with Towson University, we are unable to defer rent payments due to financial aid not being received yet. If you depend upon financial aid to pay for your housing, you will want to be prepared to pay at least August rent without financial aid.

How Do I Make A Payment Online?

Login in to the Resident Portal to make a payment.

What Is The Difference Between An Annual And An Academic Lease?

The only difference between our Annual term lease and our Academic term lease is the length of time…..the annual lease runs from mid August through July 28th, and the academic lease runs from mid August through May 28th.

For our apartments, we have a base rent for each unit and that is divided into 12 (annual) or 10 (academic) equal monthly installments. Therefore, you will ultimately pay the same amount of money for an Annual or Academic lease.

Will I Be Considered A Maryland State Resident For In State Tuition Purposes?

Please click on this link for the USM and UMD Policies and Procedures regarding in state tuition qualification.

Does TPA Require Renter's Insurance?

TPA does require Renter’s Insurance for each resident. Rates are fairly reasonable.  We require a copy of the declaration page, showing the personal liability is no less than $100,000 per occurrence and that the Landlord (PRG, Towson Place Apartments, LLC.) is listed as an interested party.

Is Everyone Entitled To Parking At TPA?

TPA has a limited amount of parking spaces on the property. We do not oversell our parking to ensure those that purchase a permit will have a spot.

Parking passes for the 2017-2018 year will be $370. Parking is on a first come first serve basis.

All residents will also receive a week end guest pass at move-in for a guest. During the week, residents are able to check out a guest pass at the office which is valid for 24 hours. We offer limited weekday passes.

When Is The Leasing Office Open?

Summer Hours
Monday through Friday 8am-5pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday (except August 18th and 19th)
July 28th we are open from 8am until 12pm for move out

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